About Our Agency

Founded in 2003 to fill a growing need for strategic consulting and creative talent in the email marketing industry, Katey Charles Communications has been helping clients navigate this ever-changing landscape for more than a decade. We are a small, agile, full-service agency with a laser focus on email marketing strategy and best practices, and outstanding customer service.


We Love Email

Really, we do. It’s safe to say, at Katey Charles Communications, we all fell in love with email marketing at first sight. This accountable, quick, flexible and ever-evolving marketing channel consistently delivers the highest return on investment for relationship-building and sales. Developing email campaigns for our clients provides a daily opportunity to combine a variety of communications and technical skills: consulting, writing, editing, designing, coding, testing, reporting and analyzing. We are experts at applying those skills to help clients reach their goals, whatever they may be.


We Are Committed to Learning

One of the hallmarks of the Katey Charles Communications team is that we are lifelong learners. We are curious. We ask a lot of questions. And we are genuinely interested in learning about our clients and the many different facets of their business or organization. We enjoy keeping up with the latest email trends and technological advances with a keen eye on how these new tools could benefit the clients we serve. By taking the time to listen and learn, we are able to create solid email marketing strategies that get results for our clients.


We Are Passionate About Sending the Right Message

Each member of the core creative team at Katey Charles Communications is solidly grounded in writing, editing and visual communications. Why does that matter? Because the content of your email should be clear, concise, compelling and optimized for email engagement. And that’s what we help our clients do. Every single day.


Consider Us Your Partner

Clients tell us we’re much more than a service provider – we’re a thoughtful, hard-working strategic partner that helps them plan and execute an email marketing strategy in support of their overall company goals.

From concept to execution, Katey Charles Communications can handle every aspect of your email marketing program or just the steps you need to outsource. Learn more about our services and our team. Or contact us today to discuss how we can help you Send the Right Message®.


Meet the Team

Each member of our core team has between 10 and 20 years of experience in marketing, strategic communications, writing, digital communications, graphic design or email marketing. Together, our team’s collective years of experience in marketing and communications totals more than 75 years — with two-thirds of that time spent in the email marketing industry.

Katey Charles Darpel
Katey Charles Darpel
Linda Wesley
Linda Wesley
Account Manager
Anne Willis
Anne Willis
Senior Graphic Designer, Template Coder