Technology Solutions

The Infrastructure and the Support

Email marketing can’t do its job without technology. Since Katey Charles Communications launched in 2003, we’ve seen countless updates to the technology available for email marketing — new platforms, enhanced tracking capabilities, social media integration and more. We offer our clients access to select email marketing platforms that provide an impressive range of technical capabilities, but more importantly, our team knows how to leverage those capabilities to meet our clients’ needs.


The Nuts and Bolts: Email Campaign Production and Automation

Manage your promotional, triggered and transactional messages in one integrated software platform. It’s easy to implement these individual and automated campaigns on our platform:
  • Promotional and editorial messages or newsletters
  • Automated welcome messages / welcome series / lead nurturing series
  • Re-marketing campaigns (cart and browse abandon)
  • Birthday or anniversary campaigns
  • Social integrations to promote sharing of your message on the most popular social networks
  • Activation campaigns
  • Re-activation / win-back campaigns
  • Order and shipping confirmations
  • Product review requests and customer feedback surveys
  • And more!


Boost Your ROI With Advanced Segmentation and Personalization Tools

Create highly personalized messages with ease, identify and track your most loyal subscribers, and use your data to deliver highly relevant messages. Software tools include:
  • Advanced subscriber search and segmentation options, including searching by open and click behaviors per message and over time, opens and clicks on mobile devices, social sharing behavior and more.
  • Unlimited number of subscriber segments, including dynamic lists built from saved queries.
  • Clicker segments that automatically populate based on subscribers’ clicks.
  • Flexible tools for personalizing messages and managing your dynamic content assets.
  • Unlimited number of data fields, allowing for advanced personalization of messages and segmentation of subscribers.


Flexible Tools to Help Grow Your Subscriber List

Subscribers come from a variety of sources, and our list-building tools will help you capture them.
  • Build branded email sign-up forms with little to no assistance from IT.
  • Create email preference center forms to help subscribers self-select the emails that are most relevant to them.
  • Import lists from a variety of commonly used data files.


Integrate Your Email Data With Other Databases

Skip the manual list imports and exports, and integrate your data automatically and in real time. Using API access, XML and posting scripts, set up real-time data integration and two-way transfers. API calls also can trigger transactional and welcome campaign messaging.


Test and Optimize Your Emails With Ease

The ability to run tests is a distinct advantage of email, and it’s easy to integrate testing and optimization into every campaign with our A|B split testing, spam checker and message rendering tools.
  • Run A/B split tests on delivery time or day, subject lines, from names, calls to action or any other aspect of your email creative.
  • Review spam checker results before you deploy a message to help ensure email deliverability.
  • Ensure your subscribers see what you see regardless of their email client by running an Inbox Preview Report.


View Robust Reports to Gain Insights Into Your Efforts

View and export reports in a variety of formats to meet your needs. High-level reports on key performance indicators like bounces, opens, clicks, conversions and revenue generated are standard with every email you deploy. Custom and comparative reports are also available.


Getting to the Inbox: Email Deliverability Management

Make sure your emails land in the inbox instead of a junk folder. We offer a combination of built-in tools and expert deliverability consulting services including:

  • Deliverability consulting and best practices advice for delivery and spam law compliance
  • Email authentication coordination
  • IP address ramping plans
  • Monitoring of delivery metrics, including reports on invalid email addresses, opt-outs, complaints and spam trap hits
  • Automated list hygiene, including removal of invalid addresses and addresses that register spam complaints
  • Inbox monitoring reports for consumer Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including AOL, GMail, Yahoo and many others
  • Bounce logs
  • ISP feedback loops
  • Black list and block list monitoring and mitigation
  • And more!