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Good Reads: A Gmail Bombshell

In this month’s Good Reads, we have a bombshell about responsive design for Gmail, tried-and-true methods for building a bigger email list, and some important subject line advice.

  • “Better Emails, Tailored to All Your Devices,” by Pierce Vollucci, Product Manager, Gmail. Don’t let the boring headline fool you; this is big news! Gmail has announced it will support responsive design in its mobile and desktop inboxes. Specifically, Gmail will support a variety of media queries and styles starting in late September. Email coders and designers have been asking Gmail to make this move for years, and now they can rejoice. Learn more about responsive email design.
  • “8 Wins That Helped Us Grow Our Email List to 100,000 Subscribers,” by Alex Turnbull, Groove. A bigger email list leads to more conversions and revenue, so marketers are always looking at ways to expand their subscriber base. Turnbull outlines the strategies and tactics Groove used to amass 100,000 subscribers through content marketing. It’s solid advice for email marketers.
  • “RE: Misleading Subject Lines,” Bettina Specht, Litmus. When marketers are solely focused on getting the open, it’s tempting for copywriters to fall for the bait-and-switch subject line. Misleading subject lines are detrimental to your brand’s credibility, and Specht shares examples of some of the worst of the worst.

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